Instagram Announces New Features for Reels Creators

Instagram has announced several new features specifically for Reels creators. These new features include trending for audio and hashtags, more comprehensive video editing tools, new metrics for Reels Insight, and an expanded gift feature to more countries. The presence of these three new Reels features was announced directly through the Meta Newsroom on Friday, April 14, 2023.

The audio and hashtag trending feature called "Reels Trends" is currently launched specifically for users with business accounts. This feature can be found in the Professional Dashboard menu on the profile. By clicking the "Check today's Reels Trends" option, Reels creators can find audio and hashtags that are currently trending or widely discussed by other users. Users will see a list of song titles complete with information on the singer and the number of Reels using that particular song. When clicking on a song, users can play, save, and share the music. Creators can also view the Reels content of other users using the same song. Creators can also see the most used hashtags by users, such as the hashtag #coachella that trended earlier before the annual music festival in California. The audio and hashtag Reels Trends feature can inspire creators to create new Reels. Using trending audio and hashtags theoretically has more potential to reach a wider audience. This concept is similar to TikTok, where using trendy music makes content more likely to appear on the For You Page (FYP).

Meta has also announced that it has improved the video editing tools in Reels on Instagram. Now, creators will see an "edit" option when posting a Reel. When clicked, users will be taken to a new editing window that is more like a third-party video editing application. In that window, users can easily edit clips, from cutting clips, adding clips, rearranging the sequence of clips, adding stickers, and adding and adjusting the duration of text in Reels videos. Our business Instagram account has received this more comprehensive and integrated Reels editing feature. Our personal account also received a new editing window, but not as complete as the business account.

In Reels Insight, creators can get information about the performance of Reels in several metrics such as the number of people who viewed Reels, who liked/saved, and others. Now, Meta has added new metrics to Reels Insight, namely total watch time and average watch time. With these new metrics, creators can see the total playback time of their Reels, including the time spent replaying the Reel. The average watch time captures the average amount of time spent playing your Reel, calculated by dividing the watch time by the total number of playback. For example, if your average watch time is 17 seconds, it means that out of all the people who watched your Reel, they watched the first 17 seconds of your Reels on average. Now, Meta also provides notifications when there are new followers who follow creators thanks to Reels videos.

Meta also announced that it will launch the gift feature in more countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom in the coming weeks. This gift feature allows fans to send virtual gifts in the form of paid stickers to their favorite creators. Later, creators can give a heart as a sign that they have seen and recognized their gifts, as reported from the Meta Newsroom page on Saturday, April 15, 2023.

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