Police Receive Report on TikTok Criticizing Development in Lampung by Lampung Native

"Polda Lampung confirmed that they have received a police report against a Lampung TikToker and student, Bima Yudho Saputro. The report was filed by lawyer Ghinda Ansori. Initially, Ghinda only made a complaint through a letter, which was then escalated to a police report.

"This report was received on April 13, 2023 at the SPKT Polda Lampung, which was previously in the form of a letter sent to Polda Lampung," said Head of Public Relations for Polda Lampung, Kombes Pol Zahwani Pandra Arsyad on Saturday (15/4).

At present, the report is still being studied by investigators to determine the next legal steps. "The investigators are currently studying what was reported and what was complained about," he added.

This police report is related to Bima's TikTok content that criticized development in Lampung. The public is expected to remain calm in responding to this case. The police will handle it professionally.

"So not everything reported will be punished, it's not certain. If the elements are not fulfilled, it will not be pursued, especially now there is a restorative justice authority. It's different when it comes to expressions, curses, and hate speech," Pandra concluded.

Previously, Bima Yudho Saputro, a Lampung student in Australia, caught the public's attention after a critical video titled 'Reasons Why Lampung is not Developing' went viral. One of Bima's criticisms of the provincial government of Lampung was related to the damaged roads.

He described the roads in his hometown as being good for 1 kilometer and then damaged for the next kilometer. Who would have thought that Bima's criticism of the regional government would lead to a police report. He was reported for mentioning the term 'dajjal' which made the regional government uneasy.

Not only that, Bima's parents, who are civil servants, were called in by the Lampung Timur Regent. It is rumored that they were being investigated for any mistakes made by Bima, especially regarding his tuition fees overseas. His mother was also reportedly questioned.

"My dad is an ordinary civil servant. 99 percent is from my mom. My dad has never sent me any money. Not even one dollar. Being a civil servant is not enough and today my dad was called by Lampung Timur along with the police," Bima shared on social media. His parents, who didn't know anything, were also questioned and could only cry."

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