The Rapid Advancement of Technology: Futuristic Technologies That Have Become a Reality in 2022

Technology has been rapidly advancing over time, and leading IT companies around the world are constantly competing to create new innovations in the field. Some of these technologies have even begun to be completed in 2022. Technologies that were previously only found in science fiction films are now becoming a reality. Are you curious to know what are the latest and most advanced technologies? Let's take a look at them below!

1. Hoverboard Aircraft

The Hoverboard Aircraft is similar to a regular drone, but it is much larger and can be ridden by a human. Based in Australia, Star 8 Green is an innovative technology company that is introducing new green energy technologies that include green transportation products. One of their products is the Hoverboard V2.0, a single-person transport drone with eight downward-facing propellers.

The first flight video of the Hoverboard 2.0 was uploaded to the Mendiola YouTube channel back in 2021. This device can truly fly like in sci-fi movies!

2. Robot Animals

Boston Dynamics is not the only company that makes futuristic quadrupedal robots. The Chinese company, Unitree Robotics, has also been doing it for years. They have recently showcased their latest creation.

The Unitree Go1 is a dog-like robot designed to offer companionship to humans. The mechanical dog developed by Unitree Robotics has innovative software integrated into a smart sensor package that allows it to follow and stay by its owner's side.

3. Plant Charger

A Barcelona-based company called Arkyne Technologies offers an environmentally friendly technology that can charge our phones with just plants. So, how do these plants manage to charge the battery?

The Bioo Lite apparently uses the energy produced from the plant's photosynthesis process to charge the battery. The innovator claims that the implementation used by the company will not harm the plant. This method does not force the plant to produce anything because the photosynthesis process occurs naturally.

4. Flying Cars

This innovative car is just like in sci-fi films! Several companies in Europe and the United States continue to develop flying cars that are suitable for use and can be marketed soon.

Some of these companies include PAL-V Liberty, AeroMobil, NeoXCraft, SkyRunner, Airbus Pop.Up, and Terrafugia. These companies have produced prototypes to perfect wing and propeller technology. Eventually, flying car owners will require a special license to drive them.

5. Bionic Eyes

Scientists have been racking their brains to create technology to reduce blindness. Thus, the bionic eye technology emerged.

Scientists from the United States and Hong Kong have developed synthetic eyes that are similar to human eyes with simulated photoreceptor sensors. The bionic prototype is expected to be used to restore the vision of individuals who have lost their sight.

These advanced technologies mentioned above are just a handful of the various cutting-edge technologies that are currently being developed. If you have come across any information about the latest and greatest technologies, don't forget to share them in the comment section!

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