Tenri Anisa Takes Legal Action Following Virgoun's Affair Accusations

A scandalous affair between Virgoun and an alleged mistress named Tenri Anisa has caused quite a stir on social media. Tenri Anisa has taken legal action against Virgoun and his wife Inara Rusli after her name was mentioned in a confession letter that Virgoun wrote to his wife.

The 23-year-old woman has filed a defamation report with the Metro Jaya Police Department, denying any involvement in the affair. "I have reported this matter because it has spread widely on social media. The accused is open to anyone, and we will direct the evidence to Inara Rusli during the investigation," said Tenri Anisa's lawyer, Teguh Putra, on Friday night.

Two pieces of evidence were cited in Tenri Anisa's report, which Teguh Putra claims can be found on Inara Rusli's social media account. "There are two pieces of evidence. One is the confession letter that mentions our client's name and states that they had a sexual relationship. The other is a highlighted post by Inara with the title 'pelakor' (adulterer), which we have captured," explained Teguh Putra.

Furthermore, Teguh Putra stated that there may be other individuals who will be questioned and investigated for their involvement in distributing and spreading the accusations against Tenri Anisa.

"In addition to Inara Rusli and Virgoun, there are other parties who will be investigated for distributing and uploading this 'pelakor' story, which went viral," he said.

The identity of those involved in the allegations remains unclear, but Teguh Putra assured that the investigation will cover all the necessary areas and individuals. "This is all part of the investigation into social media, as seen from the highlight, there are other accounts that mention Tenri, and anonymous sources that confirm the accusations. So it's not just limited to the names mentioned in the open summons," he added.

As the legal process unfolds, many are eagerly awaiting further updates and developments on this ongoing scandal.

Tenri Anisa Takes Legal Action Following Virgoun's Affair Accusations Tenri Anisa Takes Legal Action Following Virgoun's Affair Accusations Reviewed by Gosip Dunia on May 06, 2023 Rating: 5
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