The Trend of RP Games Takes TikTok by Storm

Lately, social media platforms have been buzzing with one viral trend on TikTok known as RP, which stands for Roleplay.

The RP game has been a hot topic among netizens after a video of a father scolding his 11-year-old daughter for participating in a viral roleplay game on TikTok surfaced.

In the video, the young girl was caught engaging in roleplay that was deemed inappropriate for her age, particularly as she was roleplaying with unfamiliar individuals.

The TikTok video quickly went viral and garnered attention, sparking discussions among netizens in the country. But do you know what RP or Roleplay games are?

RP or Roleplay games involve players, also known as roleplayers, assuming the characters and identities of their idols.

Often, roleplayers portray characters from TV shows, movies, books, or celebrities and act as them.

In the world of roleplaying, individuals act as if they are their chosen characters, adopting their mannerisms, speech patterns, and daily activities with intricate detail.

In RP games, roleplayers portray fictional characters to interact with other roleplayers on TikTok, starting from following each other, or as the slang term goes, "mutualan."

After establishing a mutual connection, roleplayers can engage in fictional relationships with other TikTok RP users, not too different from regular users.

Roleplayers are typically categorized into different genres, with Korean and Western genres currently being the most popular. Within these genres, characters can be further divided into groups such as singers, actors, boy bands, and girl bands.

The Trend of RP Games Takes TikTok by Storm The Trend of RP Games Takes TikTok by Storm Reviewed by Gosip Dunia on June 20, 2023 Rating: 5
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